How Can We Help?


  • Assist with short-term or long-term goals; confidential searches or open requisitions
  • We have a benchmark process in place which leads to a consistent and extensive interview
  • Setup a time to learn about your needs, challenges, and goals
  • Schedule a time to speak with the hiring manager to learn about the key functions needed in the role, personality, and numbers
  • Develop a target pool of quality talent through various sourcing techniques
  • Execute the search
  • Provide detailed information on each interested and qualified candidate
  • Assist in navigating the candidate through the process from the beginning to the end addressing any concerns


  • Resume Critiquing
  • We’ll prepare and guide you through the interview process from the beginning to the end with an understanding of transparency and honesty
  • It’s like having a free Career Coach and Guidance Counselor
  • An agent who will hold your hand and walk you through each step and not let go
  • We don’t just disappear

Our Method

Direct Recruiting
Network & Connections
Sourcing Technique

Our Skills

Finding people100%
Finding people who aren’t looking for a job 85%
Market intelligence97%
Accepting of failure 3%
A good laugh100%


For contingency placement, our guarantee is for 30 days from the candidate’s start date. For retained and engagement fee projects, we guarantee our work 100%.

We do not believe in guaranteeing things that we have no control over. There are several steps in the recruiting and selection process that are beyond our control. For example:

  • We do not determine when a company needs to hire a new person.
  • We do not make the hiring decision and cannot guarantee that a hiring manager will choose the best candidate for the position.
  • We do not manage the new employee.
  • We do not assess the quality of the work performed by the new employee.

As headhunters, it’s our responsibility to first identify and then entice the most qualified candidates away from their existing employer, and then to facilitate their transition to our client. When we are retained, we guarantee that we will show you at least two candidates that we both agree are qualified, or one who is hired for the role. If we fail to deliver this in the predetermined time frame, we will refund your retainer. No other retained firms offer this type of guarantee.

We always deliver on our commitments.