Final Mountain (3)

About Me

Hiking, biking, white water rafting, you name it, if it’s one with nature, I’ll be there. All of life’s challenges and trials come with a leap of faith and hope. I took this step when I decided to do my first hike, peaking at 11,915 feet elevation up a mountain like I had never seen. This may be easy to some, but this was the unknown for me. There were struggles and uncertainty, but motivation and passion were the keys.

Passion is a key driver in my life and the things I do. I love to help people and make a difference. If we’re all connected some number of degrees apart, then connecting those dots is all you need to do. It’s a matter of building relationships and putting forth the effort.

With over a dozen years of experience in the healthcare industry, I had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest individuals. The challenges I faced on that mountainside parallel my career; the people I work with are facing difficulties, and the people I connect them to are the solution.

So yes, that’s me in the picture. And that’s how far we will go to help you. We do not give up. Let’s step into the unknown together and come out on top.

Rehana Dharani, CPC