Rehana Dharani, CPC


With more 20 years of healthcare experience and over 15 years in healthcare recruitment, Rehana assists clients regularly in assessing her organization’s gap analysis and future needs. She works closely with clients throughout the entire engagement process, from start to finish. Rehana not only provides a tailored search process, but also strategic advice, resulting in practical strategies to attract future demands. Her traditional recruitment methods enable her to interact with those who were unaware of opportunities. She further assists clients with market research to ensure that they are competitive in their region. With possibly difficult healthcare employment circumstances ahead, Rehana shares best practices for hiring healthcare professionals from a variety of backgrounds, which helps to expand the talent pipeline and develop innovation and creativity from a variety of perspectives. Rehana had a successful career in healthcare recruiting before becoming the Head of Sorzium. Her exceptional sourcing and recruitment via talent acquisition strategies, as well as her leadership in recruiting training, were highly regarded. Rehana holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in Healthcare Administration from Texas State University. The National Association of Personnel Services certified her as a Certified Personnel Consultant. In the staffing and recruitment industry, this is the most thorough certification accessible. Through the certification process, it verifies a fundamental understanding of the rules that govern work interactions in the United States.